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How To Deal With Homesickness- Tips from A BridgePathways Student

Vanessa is a student at BridgePathways student at Chadron State College who moved from Africa. She shares advice on dealing with being homesick.

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BridgePathways Student Profile: Vanessa at CSC

This semester, BridgePathways welcomed Vanessa N. to itslocation at Chadron StateCollege in Nebraska. Deciding tostudy English in the United States, or anywhere for that matter, is a tough decision that takes serious planning and a lot of courage. Recently, we interviewed her to find out more about her journey of learning English and traveling to […]

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Local Newspaper Features BridgePathways at Colorado Mesa University Student

Last fall, BridgePathways opened its doors at Colorado Mesa University to help international students who dream of studying at a U.S. university improve their English, experience life on an American university campus and take the next steps in their academic careers. The newest student at this location, Makoto Watanabe, recently gained attention from one of Grand Junction’s local newspapers, The Daily Sentinel.

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Advice From Your Advisors Make the Most of Studying in the US

Make this the year that you stick to your resolution, because you’re not alone! You’ve got a team of outstanding advisors dedicated to helping you achieve your goals of self-improvement:

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Chadron State College Grads

This fall, BridgePathways opened its doors at Chadron State College to help students improve their English and experience life in American university campuses. As the first semester comes to a close, we can proudly congratulate our first two graduates of the Intensive English Program, Lina Garatly of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (pictured left) and Ting Qian of Shanghai, China (pictured right, next to Dr. Randy Rhine, Chadron State College President).

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Need to Test Your English Proficiency? IELTS vs.TOEFL

Last year we gave you acomparative analysis of the IELTS and TOEFL exam for English proficiency. As we get a lot of students asking about the difference between these two tests and which one is better for them, we thought it’d be a good idea to review the differences and give you some tips as well!

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Interview with our Manager of International Student Recruitment

What is your name and where are you from? My name is Georgina and I am from a lot of places! I was born in Mexico, where my family is from, and I have lived in India, Brazil and the UK, as well as 4 different states here in the USA.

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Resources Available for International Students on a University Campus

Entering college or university is a significant event in a young person’s life. With greater personal freedom comes greater responsibility and the need to carefully manage time between studies and social life. On top of these major life changes, international students must also consider matters of immigration, cultural adjustment, and the challenge of communicating in a foreign language.

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How to Get Conditional Admission to a University in the United States

Studying at a University in the United States is a big decision and a huge step in one’s life. The number of options to choose from and the number of steps and requirements in the application process can be daunting. When coming to a U.S. university from outside the country, much comfort can be found in receiving a letter of conditional admission beforehand. In some cases it is extremely difficult to get a student visa without this letter, which makes it even more important.

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Top 5 Activities for International Students at Colorado Mesa University

Colorado Mesa University located in Grand Junction, Colorado offers a great deal of on and off-campus activities for all of its students. Below are some of the five most popular activities for students at CMU:

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