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Hear from International Students at Husson University in Maine!

Husson is an affordable university located in beautiful Bangor, Maine, that offers in-demand programs such as pharmacy and business administration. Hear what international students from Malaysia, Sweden, China and other countries are saying about their experience as a student at Husson U.

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University Spotlight: Concordia University, St. Paul

Are you planning to study abroad in the US? Concordia, St. Paul is an affordable university in the major metropolitan area known as the Twin Cities of Minneapolis. It offers a top-ranked MBA program, plus 100 other graduate and undergraduate degrees to choose from, as well internship opportunities, and scholarships for international students.

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Student Life on the Campus of Philadelphia University!

Bridge partner, Philadelphia University, is located in one of the most historic and visited cities in the United States! However, students don’t even need to leave the PhilaU campus to find plenty to keep them entertained, fit and connected with classmates. Learn about what on-campus activities this university has to offer its students.

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How Can Bridge Assist Students with Direct Admission to U.S. Universities?

BridgePathways is known for preparing international students for admission into U.S. universities, especially via conditional admission. However, we also offer admission counseling for direct admission, providing a range of services for students all the way from university selection, to application and acceptance.

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Is a Small or Large U.S. University Right for Me?

When choosing a U.S. university to study abroad, one decision you’ll make is whether you prefer to attend a large or small university. Do you see yourself in a tight-knit community where you can get to know your classmates and professors, or do you prefer the anonymity of a sprawling, diverse campus? Learn the advantages of each!

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Bridge Students at Philadelphia University Collaborate on Nexus Maximus Project

Bridge students at Philadelphia University had a chance to participate in a unique, collaborative event on campus. They joined students from PhilaU and other universities in the U.S., and even Europe, in a project called Nexus Maximus. Innovation and entrepreneurship (not to mention English practice!) were the focus of this four-day event, in which student groups compete to come up with the best solution to a real-world problem.

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Score a Scholarship to Study in the USA

Almost all of the colleges and universities in the USA offer scholarships to students with exceptional grades and academic performance. In fact, many of these schools also offer scholarships specifically designed for international students. Here's an overview of scholarships available at BridgePathways partner universities.

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OPT vs. CPT: Can University Students Work on an F1 Visa?

Most students who plan to study abroad in the U.S. In particular, they might be wondering if they are allowed to work on their F1 visa while attending university (or after they graduate). The short answer is yes, they can! However, it’s important to be aware of the regulations.

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Living in Bangor, Maine – Home of Husson University

Husson University International students have a lot of choices on where to study abroad. Just in America alone, there are 50 different states, five distinct cultural regions, and thousands of universities accepting international students! Here at BridgePathways, we have partnerships with colleges and universities across the country, including Husson University, in Bangor Maine. Why should […]

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The University Experience in the U.S. vs. the U.K.

The U.S. and U.K. may share a common language, but there are lots of cultural differences between these two countries. This is also true of the university experience. Learn about the differences in how you choose your course of study, the types of classes you will take and the extracurricular activities you’ll take part in as a student at a U.S. vs. U.K. university.

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