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Ranked #12 on Newsweek’s list of Best Colleges for International Students and one of the top small colleges in the country by Fiske Guide to Colleges

Manhattanville College is ranked #12 on Newsweek’s list of Best Colleges for International Students, rated as one of the Top 300 Distinguished Colleges by the 2016 Fiske Guide to Colleges, and named as one of the “Best in the Northeast” colleges in the 2013 Princeton Review.

Located on a picturesque campus just 30 miles away away from New York City, Manhattanville's global campus has more than 50 countries represented by students on campus. With more than 50 programs of study, career-focused majors, professors with professional experience, and internships with leading companies and organizations, it's no wonder Manhattanville College is so highly regarded.

Scholarships at Manhattanville College

Manhattanville offers a variety of merit-based scholarships. Undergraduate international applicants with a GPA (Grade Point Average) of 3.0 or higher are eligible for scholarship amounts ranging from USD $12,000-$22,000. Additionally, Manhattanville offers the Duchesne Scholarship, which is $2,000 per year for students who complete community service hours every semester. All applicants are automatically screened for scholarship eligibility.

Academic English Tuition & Start Dates

Course Term Price
BridgePathways 8 weeks (24 hours per week) $3,456
6 weeks (28 hours per week) $3,024
Term Start Dates*
  • January 18
  • March 8
  • May 10
  • June 28
  • August 16
  • October 18

* Term start dates subject to vary by a few days

Fees and additional services

  • Registration Fee
  • Express Mailing of I-20
  • Private ESL Classes
  • Materials and Resources Fee
  • $100
  • $97
  • $95 per hour
  • $199 per term

Holidays observed at BridgePathways at Manhattanville College:

  • January 1
  • January 18
  • May 30
  • July 4
  • September 3
  • November 24-25
  • December 25
  • January 2
  • January 16
  • May 29
  • July 4
  • September 4
  • November 23-24
  • December 25

The BridgePathways® Academic English Program was developed precisely for international students to succeed in a U.S. academic environment.

As a BridgePathways student you will:

  • Develop your English proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Be assigned coursework designed to prepare you for university assignments
  • Learn how to successfully participate in discussions and lectures
  • Prepare for standardized tests
  • Participate in essential social and cultural immersion experiences

BridgePathways is a goal-oriented program that is customized and targeted based on your current level. It’s how we measure your success and help you reach your desired goals. With BridgePathways, you are assured the ultimate preparation for success at your U.S. university.

Students at Manhattanville College experience university life on a scenic and safe, 100-acre campus just 30 minutes from iconic Manhattan, NY. The college experience here is not only focused on academic success, but on the development of all students as well-rounded, community-conscious leaders.

Clubs and Organizations

Extracurricular activities are strongly encouraged at Manhattanville College, and the Campus Activity Board oversees more than 40 student clubs and organizations to choose from. There are scholarly options, such as the History Club and the EMF Club (Economics, Finance, and Management), or organizations focused on social interests, including the Futbol Cub, International Student Organization or the MVL Radio Station.

Leadership Opportunities

Manhattanville College encourages students to take advantage of campus leadership opportunities in order to develop new skills that can be transferred to the workplace by. Students can join clubs and organizations, become student orientation leaders or coordinators, Resident Assistants in on-campus housing, Student Ambassadors or Mentors, or take part in Student Government. Additionally, motivated students can apply to the PACTS Leadership Program (Personal Accountability Changes Tomorrow’s Situation) to join a cohort of other leaders in a series of trainings and workshops. Upon graduation, seniors at Manhattanville can be awarded the esteemed “Castle Pin” if they consistently demonstrate exceptional ethical and social leadership throughout their college careers.

Athletics and Intramurals

The goal of the athletics department at Manhattanville is to encourage excellence, respect for peers, teamwork, leadership and loyalty in students. The “Manhattanville Valiant” mascot (a medieval warrior) represents 21 NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division III teams, giving student athletes of all types the opportunity to compete here. Sports at Manhattanville include baseball, basketball, golf, ice hockey, soccer, and more.

Residence Life

The relatively small campus at Manhattanville fosters a tight community, and the Residence Halls further encourage student interaction. Students who live on campus will to get to know others from around the world and share each other’s unique culture and perspective. For BridgePathways students, shared living offers an excellent opportunity to improve their English skills! First year students at Manhattanville College live in Spellman Hall, a comfortable and supportive and convenient shared living environment.

How to Apply to BridgePathways at Manhattanville College

  • 1. Click 'Apply Now'
  • 2. Select Manhattanville College.
  • 3. Select your start date.
  • 4. Confirm your application.

With BridgePathways:

  • You can apply year-round.
  • University partners offer conditional admission to qualified students.
  • Receive a TOEFL/IELTS waiver upon successful completion of the program.


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