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Concordia University, St. Paul

St. Paul, Minnesota

Small class sizes are the focus at this supportive university just 10 minutes from Minnesota’s vibrant Twin Cities!

One of the most affordable private universities in the Twin Cities, Concordia University prepares students for today’s global world. Students’ learning experiences are hands-on and relevant to the skills employers seek. The comfort and safety of a smaller campus combined with a convenient metro location provides the best of both worlds. 18 Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in Minnesota, offering rich opportunities for internships among major employers, governmental and nonprofit agencies.

Scholarships at Concordia University

All accepted, non-sponsored, undergraduate international students receive an annual scholarship in the amount of USD $8,650 to attend Concordia University, St. Paul.

Academic English Tuition & Start Dates

Course Term 2018 Price
BridgePathways 10 weeks (20 hours per week) $3,600

Conditionally admitted students seeking English instruction prior to their studies at Concordia University - St. Paul are welcome to attend the Bridge Academic English Program at BridgeEnglish in Denver, Colorado.

Term Start Dates*
2017 2018
  • October 23
10 weeks
  • January 2
  • March 12
  • May 21
  • July 30
  • October 8
  • December 17
  • 10 weeks
  • 10 weeks
  • 10 weeks
  • 10 weeks
  • 10 weeks
  • 10 weeks

*The Academic English program takes place at BridgeEnglish, Denver.

Fees and additional services

  • Registration Fee
  • Express Mailing of I-20
  • Private ESL Classes
  • Materials and Resources Fee
  • $155
  • $97
  • $75 per hour
  • $199 per term

Holidays observed at BridgePathways at BridgeEnglish, Denver:

  2017 2018
  • New Year's Day
  • Presidents' Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • January 2
  • February 20
  • May 29
  • July 4
  • September 4
  • November 23-24
  • December 25
  • January 1
  • February 19
  • May 28
  • July 4
  • September 3
  • November 22 - 23
  • December 25

The BridgePathways ® Academic English Program was developed precisely for international students to succeed in a U.S. academic environment.

As a BridgePathways student you will:

  • Develop your English proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Be assigned coursework designed to prepare you for university assignments
  • Learn how to successfully participate in discussions and lectures
  • Prepare for standardized tests
  • Participate in essential social and cultural immersion experiences

BridgePathways is a goal-oriented program that is customized and targeted based on your current level. It’s how we measure your success and help you reach your desired goals. With BridgePathways, you are assured the ultimate preparation for success at your U.S. university.

Clubs and Organizations

Concordia University understands that there is more to your college experience than the classroom. They have over 40 on-campus clubs and organizations, offering everything from intramural athletics to academic, drama and music clubs. Concordia’s clubs and organizations give you a chance to explore your talents, hone your professional skills, and meet new friends. Plus, getting involved in campus activities is a great way to show future employers that you have the leadership and planning skills they’re looking for.

Athletics and Intramurals

Get involved in athletics by trying out for one of Concordia’s 15 NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division II squads. Or, if you’re more of a spectator, get your friends together to cheer on the university’s Golden Bears football team! Admission to all Concordia athletic events is always free for students. If you prefer to stay active without the full-time commitment of joining a team, you are sure to find an intramural activity that’s right for you, or you can simply break a sweat at one of several fitness centers on campus.

International Student Services

International Student Services provides holistic support services to students studying abroad to help them meet their full potential while at Concordia University. The center can help you with issues such as maintaining your visa, choosing an academic path, progressing in your chosen program, and employment. International Student Services is focused on helping you accomplish your goals.

Residence Life

Living on campus can be an important part of your university experience.  There’s no better way for international students to immerse themselves in American culture and college life than to live on campus in one of Concordia’s four residence halls. In fact, 80% of first year students live on campus in the dorms. You can also take advantage of dining plans to make mealtime easy (and fun!).

How to Apply to BridgePathways at Concordia University, St. Paul

  • 1. Click "Apply Now"
  • 2. Select Concordia University, St. Paul.
  • 3. Select your start date.
  • 4. Confirm your application.

With BridgePathways:

  • You can apply year-round.
  • University partners offer conditional admission to qualified students.
  • Receive a TOEFL/IELTS waiver upon successful completion of the program.


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